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12 days to go. It is becoming increasingly clear who will win election 2008, and it isn’t John McCain. So what went wrong? You can make several good arguments: an economic downturn is never good for the party in power, crusty old veteran vs. exuberant young neophyte, massive mainstream media bias, or a campaign more negative than any in recent memory. But I would say that all of these factors are secondary. John McCain’s primary mistake in his run for the presidency is quite clear. He backed the wrong horse: the Republican Party of George W. Bush.

Throughout the election cycle, President Bush’s approval ratings have been abysmal. In a republic fairly evenly spilt between the two major parties, it stands to reason that if 7 out of 10 citizens disapprove of the President’s performance, at least 2-3 of those unhappy citizens are Republicans. Why such disapproval from Bush’s own party? Could it be that the President has veered so far from the values his party used to represent, that even some stalwarts of the GOP can no longer stomach him? Bush has presided over the largest federal government expansion in United States history. He has willfully signed legislation that shredded the sacred privacy of U.S. citizens and bullied the Congress into hijacking the American taxpayer to the tune of over $900 billion for a government takeover of the private banking industry. But perhaps his greatest sin is launching and slogging through an unpopular, expensive Middle-Eastern war based on fear and falsehood. These are not the acts of a pro-liberty, pro-market, pro-limited government, anti-nation building Republican. These are the acts of a Neo-con.

These things should have been crystal clear to John McCain. He should have run as fast and as far as he could in the other direction. Instead of blindly backing the Bush bailout plan, he should have stood up for the taxpayer and the free market. Instead of desperately proposing a $400 billion government buyout of troubled mortgages, he should have looked for ways to reduce federal spending by $400 billion. Instead of proposing that the United States maintain troops in Iraq for 100 years, he should have crafted a plan for swift completion of the war. Apparently these things did not occur to John McCain. Maybe the will of the people seemed unimportant to him. Maybe the idea of personal privacy seemed outdated in our troubled times. Maybe he thought the concepts of life, liberty, and property seemed quaint but disposable in the brave new world. Maybe he looked deep down inside himself and discovered the heart of a Neo-con beating there. Whatever his reasons, by tagging along with the bad policies of George W. Bush, McCain has managed to make himself so unpopular that an inexperienced and openly blatant socialist is about to trounce him at the polls. John McCain is about to learn a tough political lesson: when you back a loser, you lose.

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