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Last night President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress on the topic of healthcare. It was supposed to be a historic speech, but today no one seems to be discussing healthcare much. They’re all too busy talking about what Joe Wilson did.

Wilson, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, shouted, yes, actually shouted “YOU LIE!” at the President of the United States during the address. Everybody heard it; Nancy Pelosi’s head almost exploded. Immediately the liberals in Congress starting clamoring, but not about what you would think. In fact, if you do an online search on the subject, you will find a multitude of stories about how inappropriate and boorish Joe Wilson is, but only a few stories about the main point that should concern us all: Is Barack Obama telling the truth?

When you come right down to it, I think the Democrats are mad that someone, especially a Congressman, would dare to yell in verbal protest at President Obama during an important speech. They can’t fathom it. This, like most partisan issues, is a double standard. When George Bush discussed Social Security in the 2005 State of the Union Address, the Democrats booed him. For crying out loud, the liberals literally bubbled with glee when an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at Bush during a press conference. Heckling Presidents is nothing new or unusual. It just wasn’t supposed to happen to Barack Obama.

In the end Joe Wilson succumbed to the pressure of the gutless GOP and the Obama machine and called to grovel out an apology to Rahm Emanuel for his outburst. He said his emotion got the better of him. Too bad it turned out this way. Had Congressman Wilson played his cards right, he might have been able to shut the speech down, or at least make the President find a quieter spot to speak. Kind of like this:


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Dear Mr. President,

I just watched your “I Pledge…” video. I am now 100% unable to take you seriously. Next time you want to indoctrinate me, get somebody besides the host of Punk’d to deliver your message. Now if you need me, I’ll be off flushing twice after each pee.


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A ¬ A

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janhelfeldI found out about Jan Helfeld from J.D. Tuccille’s blog Disloyal Opposition. Jan is an attorney who uses the Socratic method to interview politicians and find out what they really think about important issues. They are hilarious on the one hand (because a lot of the interviewees just end up running away) and very sad and sobering on the other (because these are the jokers we have elected to represent us). I am going to post a few of my favorites. You can watch more of the interviews here.

Video #1: Senator Harry Reid insists that income taxes are completely voluntary.

Video #2: Congressman Pete Stark insists that the bigger a nation’s national debt, the wealthier that nation is. Then he threatens to throw Jan out of the window. Watch out! The Congressman gets profane at the end.

Video #3: Congressman Estaban Torres admits that it is OK for citizens to initiate unprovoked physical force against one another, then demonstrates this belief by having his press secretary forcibly steal the interview tape to prevent it from being seen:

Go watch the rest of these videos. You will see how incompetent, flustered, and angry politicians become when they are asked tough questions. Another good one is watching George Stephanopoulis run away like a little girl when his defense of affirmative action falls apart. Ha!

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Hee hee….

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Great cartoon from Kevin Tuma:

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