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A new task

200559944-001Last night I found myself in a discussion with someone who had some formal business and economics training. To my dismay, I was unable to successfully express myself in a way that effectively countered his arguments, some of which I felt were wrong. I have dabbled a bit in economics, but that has been all it has been: dabbling. In light of what is going on in our country today I don’t think that is good enough.

So I have decided to take on an intensive self-study course in economics. I have decided to use the Economics, 3rd edition audio lecture course from The Teaching Company as my introduction.

Economics is a vast discipline, so I thought it wise to narrow my focus to a particular economic school after an introduction to the broad concepts. I have chosen the Austrian School as it is most in line with my political philosophy. I am going to follow the curriculum recommended by Thomas Woods. There is a list of the first half of that curriculum here.

The first suggested book on the list is Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, available online here. economicsI have read this book in the past, but I intend to study it closely this time around. The Mises Institute has produced a series of short lecture/interviews that go along with the chapters of Hazlitt’s book.

Today’s Economics in One Lesson chapter/lecture combo, entitled “The Lesson”, is available here and here. I would love to have someone to discuss these things with as I am learning them, so if anyone is interested in doing this study along with me, let me know.


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