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tweetI spent all morning trying to figure out Twitter. I’m very conflicted about it. It seems to go against everything I stand for; you know: privacy, unobtrusiveness, and not looking at your flippin’ cell phone every minute of every day. On the other hand, there is something frighteningly cool about being able to follow the life and times of other people, like Shaquille O’Neal, for instance. You get to find out all kinds of little interesting and useless things about people. For example:

–Last night Glenn Beck saw the new Terminator movie. He liked it!

Penn Jillette took his kids to the Natural History Museum in New York City last week.

–The state representative from the next district over, Jonathan Dismang, went to a wine tasting in Altus, Arkansas this morning. Apparently the Chardonnay and Syrah were the best.

–My friend Chad went to Riverfest today. He rode his motorcycle.

John Scalzi pranced about like a monkey for an hour around noon today.

–My friend Greg likes Aaron Copland. We are kindred spirits.

See? I never would have known these things had I not Twittered today. So privacy and rude phone-gazing be darned! I will be Twittering non-stop from now on.

If you are from the government and want to keep closer tabs on me, or if you are a normal person and just want to follow me on Twitter, go here. You can also read the posts at the bottom of the far right hand column here on the blog.

Now please excuse me while I go tweet.


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